Why Choose Us?

Instead of being “generalists”, the Academy for Mathematics & English is known as the “SPECIALISTS” in math, English, chemistry & physics. We are particularly known as the “Math Tutoring Specialist” because of our amazing results.

Your child will experience an improvement of 1-2 grade levels in math or English, in less than 6 months. This is based on the average improvement seen by our students. And, we’re not referring to letter grades here. We’re referring to FULL grade levels.

We are not a homework help learning centre. Our aim is not to provide short sighted band aid solutions for kids: we want to empower them to thrive independently. Our tutoring methodology is designed to impart true understanding and mastery of concepts so your child has the skills to tackle any problem s/he might encounter. Memorization has its place, but it is better to have a 100% understanding of concepts.

At the Academy, better grades are just the beginning! As your child’s subject mastery grows, you’ll notice newfound confidence overflowing into all areas of your child’s life. We want to unlock your child’s full academic potential, so they can not only conquer school, but all life’s adventures.

Simple Steps To Start Your Child’s Transformation

Schedule an appointment to learn more about the Academy.

Have your child take a Free Skill Level Evaluation ($150 Value) which pinpoints their strengths and “learning gaps”

Receive results of evaluation at a “Readback” appointment. We’ll present you with the solution (a custom tailored program) to set your child on the path to success.

Enroll and receive world-class tutoring to unlock your child’s full potential.

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