Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects do you offer?

We offer tutoring in: Mathematics (Kindergarten – University / College Entrance); English Language Arts (Kindergarten – Gr. 8); Chemistry (Gr. 11 – University / College Entrance); Physics (Gr. 11 – University / College Entrance); and a Li’l Learners program (3 – 5 year olds)*.

We also offer our:

  • Lil’ Math Whiz (Pre-K+) program, which is an effective and powerful math instructional system, and
  • Super Readers (ages 4+) program, which is a revolutionary reading instructional system.
What material do you use?

We use a teaching program developed and improved over 30 years that creates a multi-sensory learning experience. Our material is designed to match the curriculum and the needs of the student and we have qualified tutors to assist the student at all times.

What is the average cost of the program?

The costs of the program vary depending on the needs of the student. We have a variety of programs and payment options designed to fit all budgets. The most important thing is to bring the student in for a Free Skill Level Evaluation (Valued at $150) so we can assess their needs.

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

Our tutors are qualified teachers, graduates, university students or experts in the fields of Math, English and Science. All our tutors are fully trained in the Academy curriculum, material and methodologies, and have been certified with an assessment in their area of competency.

What is your tutoring environment like?

All students receive individualized attention accentuated with positive reinforcement. The student will have the privacy and dedicated teaching attention that comes from working in a private learning station. They work at their own pace on material designed specifically to address the skill gaps we identify in their initial free evaluation. Our unique learning environment eliminates distractions and peer pressure allowing them to focus on improving their skills.

What results can I expect?

On average we find that a student improves one to two grade levels in a period of six months. This, of course, is dependent on the student’s regular attendance, completion of assignments and work ethic. Our qualified tutors will assist in all aspects of tutoring in order to improve the student’s skills. Students are evaluated, by means of quizzes and tests, on a regular basis to ensure they have mastered these skills before moving on to new material.

What are the benefits of the Academy learning centre versus a private tutor?

The quality of tutoring you get with a private tutor is directly related to that tutor. Private tutors do not have access to the tools and resources we have. This means they can’t accurately pin point the problem areas or give the student the extra material needed to study for tests and exams. Private tutors usually just coach the student through their homework. The unfortunate reality of this approach is that there is no guarantee that the student is learning during this process. The student also often then comes to rely on the coaching which is not present in the classroom or during exams when it is most needed.

We administer an evaluation in order to establish the exact strengths and problem areas of the student. We then design an individualized program for each student depending on their needs. Our programs are therefore tailor made for each student. We have access to our programs that are based on the curriculum to complement the material from their classroom. There is a backup of 1000’s of extra worksheets in case they need even more practice material. The students can work at their own pace at individual workstations that offer an extremely focused environment with no distractions and the help of our qualified tutors.

Do you help with exam prep?

We work hand in hand with our students in this critical area. After a discussion with the student we will design individual exam packages according to the requirements of their curriculum. We will review the required material, do practice exams, and build the necessary confidence for the exam.

Do you offer enrichment programs for gifted children?

Yes, we have many students that enroll in our individualized enrichment programs. Often, gifted students need to be challenged with more difficult and/or advanced curriculum because they are bored with the current level of classroom instruction that is designed for the average student. Our free comprehensive evaluation determines what their “actual” grade and age equivalents are (often well beyond their official grade level and age), and then we build a custom tailored learning plan that is actually challenging and rewarding for them, based on their actual ability level. Our enrichment programs are designed to provide more in-depth coverage of current class work as well as propel students into more advanced subject matter. Our vast array of teaching materials, which have been developed over the past 30 years, allow us to target any level necessary to help ensure success with each and every student.

Do you offer programs for special needs children?

First, let me emphasize that our evaluations are not designed to diagnose various learning disorders/handicaps. However, our basic teaching methodology and extensive teaching materials for all levels of students often provide a very effective means of helping students with learning disabilities/handicaps. Additionally, our individualized learning stations provide a relatively stress-free environment that enables the student to focus and concentrate on the materials they are they are working on. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss the specific needs of your child, just call and we can schedule a meeting.

* The Li’l Learners program is only offered at select locations. Please call your local Academy to inquire if the program is available there.