Gifted Learner

SERVICES – For the Gifted Learner

We have many students who enroll in our individualized enrichment programs. Often gifted students need to be challenged with more difficult and/or advanced material because the level of instruction they encounter in the regular school classroom is too slow paced for them. Consequently, they become bored and frustrated.

For these types of students we first administer our free comprehensive evaluation to determine what their “actual” grade and age equivalents are (often well beyond their official grade level and age), and then we build a custom tailored learning plan that is actually challenging and rewarding for them, based on their actual ability level.

Our enrichment programs are designed to provide more in-depth coverage of current class work as well as propel students into more advanced subject matter. Our vast array of teaching materials, which have been developed over the past 30 years, allow us to assemble a perfect complement of material to challenge and develop any kind of gifted student.