At the Academy for Mathematics & English we provide top-quality tutoring and enrichment programs to students from preschool to Grade 12 and beyond!

It doesn’t matter if your child is in preschool or in Grade 12, a struggling learner, on par with their peers or gifted, we have a program to meet their unique needs. We cater to the individual needs of each and every Academy student.

Best TutoringWe specialize in the following areas:


We start with a FREE Skill Level Evaluation ($150 Value) in Math or English to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results of the free evaluation, we will design a custom program that will uniquely target the student’s “skill gaps” and ensure dramatic improvement in their level of understanding of the subject. Your child will experience immediate, measurable academic progress by working from their own unique, “custom-designed” program.

Our Teaching Materials and Methods are Proven & Time-Tested

Our curriculum (teaching materials) was developed by an international team of education experts and the materials are continuously revised and updated to ensure your child receives the best instruction possible. For 30 years, our curriculum has helped thousands of students on 2 continents leave their academic difficulties behind them – forever!

It will do the same for your child. Results vary, but your child’s grades will most likely increase by one to two grade levels in as little as six months, based on the average improvement seen by our students.

When you decide to let your child join the happy students who walk through our learning centres across Canada each and every week, he or she will receive everything they need to dramatically and quickly improve their academic performance.

Our Unique Learning Environment…

At the Academy for Mathematics & English, your child will receive dedicated, caring attention from highly skilled and experienced tutors.

  • Your child will never have to wait to receive attention, and will usually receive it “instantly”, due to our low student-to-tutor ratios.
  • Your child will be able to focus and make enormous progress in a minimal amount of time because of our unique learning environment that eliminates distractions and peer pressure.
  • Your child will have the privacy and dedicated teaching attention that comes from working in a private learning station.
  • Your child will receive a progress report daily, so you can track their growth and development at every step of the way.
  • Your child will learn at a faster pace than ever before and retain information longer because our tutoring programs offer a multi-sensory learning experience.