Free Skill Level Evaluation

At the Academy for Mathematics & English it all starts with a FREE SKILL LEVEL EVALUATION ($150 value) in Math or English to identify your child’s strengths and problem areas.

Based on the results of your FREE evaluation we will design an individualized program that will uniquely target your child’s skill gaps and ensure dramatic improvement in their level of understanding of the subject.

Your child will then benefit from The Building Block Learning structure unique to our tutoring system. Math and English are subjects where one concept builds on the next and our system requires that students master each topic taught, and understand each concept thoroughly, before moving onto more advanced material.

We will create a customized learning path for your child to follow to immediately overcome learning barriers which had previously held him/her back. Consequently, your child will experience immediate, measurable academic progress.

Building Block Learning

If you’re serious about eliminating your child’s academic difficulties and want to watch their grades soar, call right now to schedule your FREE Math or English Skill Level Evaluation. Our FREE EVALUATION is the first step you must take to help your child succeed in school. Our evaluation has a $150 Value and we’re offering it to you FREE – with no obligation or risk.

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