Math Tutoring Services

If you want your child’s academic abilities to soar read on because we have good news for you… The Academy for Mathematics & English has a proven track record and decades of experience helping students.

Our Mathematics product has been honed and perfected over 30 years by an international team of education experts at a cost of over $1.5 million dollars. It has helped thousands of students on two continents leave their academic difficulties behind them forever. It will do the same for your child.

Your Child Will Benefit In the Following Ways:

  • We’ll develop a fully customized learning program just for your child, based on the results of his/her Free Skill Level Evaluation. This evaluation will pinpoint your child’s current strengths and problem areas, revealing the best way to structure a program to ensure your child makes progress rapidly.
  • Our Progressive Mastery approach means your child will never be left confused or overwhelmed by material again.
  • By carefully sequencing our material and by ensuring a student has attained full mastery BEFORE being allowed to move onto more advanced concepts, your child will gain confidence and start learning faster than ever, in his/her unique way.
  • Results vary, but your child’s grades will most likely increase by one to two grade levels in as little as six months, based on the average improvement seen by our students.
  • Your child will be assisted by highly skilled and experienced tutors.
  • Working at an individual workstation, your child will experience no peer pressure or any other distractions.
  • Your child will learn at a faster pace than ever before and retain information and skills for longer because our program engages their audio, visual and tactile senses simultaneously.
Math Tutoring

When you decide to let your child join the happy students who walk through our learning centres across Canada each and every week, your child will receive the tools, pedagogical techniques and tutoring assistance to dramatically transform their skills. The result: their grades and self confidence will soar!