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Our 25 Greater Toronto Area Academy tutoring centres provide world-class tutoring and enrichment programs for students from preschool to Grade 12 and beyond!

What The Academy Offers You:
Results You Can Count On:

For over 24 years we’ve helped thousands of Canadian students, coast to coast, improve their grades and self confidence.

Accelerated Success:

On average our students improve 1-2 ‘grade levels’ in subject mastery in 6 months. (E.g. A Grade 6 math student could be performing at a Grade 8 level in 6 months.)

Your child will experience quick and dramatic improvement!

Free EvaluationSubjects Covered:
  • Mathematics (Grade K-12)
  • English (Grade 1-8)
  • Chemistry & Physics (Grade 11 & 12)
Alignment With Your Goals:

We cover the full spectrum of student needs. Whether looking to leap ahead, catch up, or keep pace, we’ll build a custom tailored program to accomplish your goals.

Proven Methodology:

First we benchmark your student’s current Skill Level – this identifies current strengths and ‘learning gaps’. Then, using our powerful curriculum, we build a custom tailored plan to fill in those gaps and accelerate future learning.

We have this down to a science. Our approach is systematic and unerring.

Unlock Your Student’s Full Potential:

The first step is a Free Skill Level Evaluation ($150 Value) to find out where your student currently stands.

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Conveniently located learning centres in Toronto (GTA)

Academy for Mathematics & English, Dufferin Corners
Steeles Ave. W / Dufferin St.
1881 Steeles Avenue W., Unit 9
Toronto, ON
M3H 5Y4
Phone: (416) 548-5598